Thin Client + Cloud Service (SaaS) = Cloud PC ?

Get back to year 2005 when first time I was playing around with little box called thin client. “Dummy box” without real storage, without real traditional OS, just connecting and loading OS from terminal service or remote desktop, it works as if PC. It is “green concept”, with low-cost initial investment, low maintenance cost, low … Continue reading

MS Office 365 Release

MS Office 365 or O365 just launched as release version this month. Software plus service which previously has name BPOS (Business Productivity Online Standard Suite) now has come to full Office apps on the cloud. You also may notice that previously exist MS Office Live which was free services and now has been discontinued as O365 … Continue reading

BizTalk + SharePoint: 1+1=3

Yes, 1+1=3, well it sound like social calculation. Microsoft’s BizTalk Server is a product used by more than 8000 companies world-wide for addressing the various application and business partner integration needs. It is a well known product for building SOA architectures. SharePoint – Microsoft’s fastest growing product – is well known for its document management, collaboration, workflow, portal and … Continue reading

Job Interview QA Site

If you are looking for a dream job or has plan to do so, one thing you must prepare is about possible questions in the interview. For technical job there might have test paper on open-ended question which most of us should take anticipation. Here one of the best job interview question and answer that good … Continue reading