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Building a “Cheap” Private Cloud Infrastructure @Home

This experience is showcase how we can make use of Microsoft BizSpark benefits, especially for access to MSDN software for free. Be it as IT Professional or Developer, would get certain benefits to test drive with those software are neither trial version nor beta, everything are release version with licenses. Eligible startups IT company can join with Bizspark … Continue reading

BizTalk + SharePoint: 1+1=3

Yes, 1+1=3, well it sound like social calculation. Microsoft’s BizTalk Server is a product used by more than 8000 companies world-wide for addressing the various application and business partner integration needs. It is a well known product for building SOA architectures. SharePoint – Microsoft’s fastest growing product – is well known for its document management, collaboration, workflow, portal and … Continue reading

Microsoft “Spark” Initiative

Microsoft has an interesting new initiative called WebsiteSpark that features a 7,122-word legal agreement. The attraction of the programme for small web development and design companies is obvious, starting with free licenses for development and hosting software and exposure to potential clients. As always there are catches, and some are quite amusing. “A USD $100 … Continue reading