Get Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) for FREE*

It is little late when I’m posting this. But at least, this is good news for fresh grad or developer or even IT professional who wants to get certified in Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. It is FREE with promo code HTMLJMP available through 3/31/2013 or while supplies last.

Why Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3?
It is programming stuff that has prospect now and future. Many mobile platform adopting HTML5+JS+CSS3, from front-end user interface to back-end. And it well known by multi-platform for such long time.

It that JavaScript that running on web page and we can easly copy-paste?
Partially true, in fact JavaScript has evovled to become non-trivial JavaScript. not only running on the web page, but running as Apps like Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Phone Gap etc. Running as server app using node.js and many more.
See here that JavaScript now is first class citizen on Windows 8 Apps development.


What are benefits beeing certified in HTML5+JS+CSS3 or MCP?
If you are job seeker then you would have advantage that you holding MCP and might get notified by potential employer. And if you are not looking for IT job, it will harden your programming skill by taking the exam. Further more you can pursue your career path to become MCSD as part of certification roadmap.


How to get certified, MCP HTML5+JS+CSS3, and is that really hard to get pass the exam?
To get MCP in HTML5+JS+CSS3 in Exam 70-480, usually it cost few hundred dollars. Relatively is hard to get pass the exam, out of 40 questions you need to get score of 700. It doesn’t mean that you need to answer correctly 70% of question, because each question might has different score, might a bit tricky here.

How if I failed in this exam?
Don’t worry, you still have second shot. First exam failed, next 24 hrs you can register to retake the exam, that described on second shot policy.

So now let’s get stated.

  1. Go to Exam info page and look at Skills Measured section
  2. Sign up and complete course and self exam from MVA
  3. Quickly schedule your exam by register at Prometric website.
    Follow the steps, select location, select exam, select date/time etc.
    And when it ask you for payment, enter promo/voucher code HTMLJMP
    Check out the balance should be zero, nothing to pay.11
  4. If you found it is difficult to pass MVA self exam, better you get proper courses (if financially permitted). Otherwise you need to enhance your knowledge.
    Go to Bing or Google for “exam 70-480 study guide”, there are bunch of resources out there that you can use.
  5. Get ready for exam. If you never attend Prometric exam before, you need to ensure that exam is closed book, no reference you can rely on, your belonging not allow to bring inside exam room, you have about 3 hrs to complete pre-exam survey, post-exam survey, and exam it self.
  6. And of course you need to comply with all requirement that Prometric, Microsoft or test center mentioned to you, otherwise might get disqualified.
  7. When you complete answer the questions and submit it. Don’t be surprised, you will get the result instantly. If you pass the exam, don’t make noise to distress others, but if you failed, don’t be up set, just relax and get prepare to take second shot while still FREE.

So keep it up and good to be certified.



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