Thin Client + Cloud Service (SaaS) = Cloud PC ?

Get back to year 2005 when first time I was playing around with little box called thin client. “Dummy box” without real storage, without real traditional OS, just connecting and loading OS from terminal service or remote desktop, it works as if PC. It is “green concept”, with low-cost initial investment, low maintenance cost, low electricity; seems it just right for cyber cafe, labs, class room, small office  or others which doesn’t require heavy computing performance or graphical rendering.

Here some brands that I have checked: HP thin client, Wyse thin client, NComputing.

Today, as cloud computing become popular thin client evolve become new thing call cloud PC. The devices that are diskless, but allow you to get your OS, applications and data from a private cloud, preloaded with embedded OS eg.: Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and then connect to Windows Multipoint Server 2011. It comes in the form like little box or even like laptop. In the end it will be good for SME or even large organization.


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