Project Nimbus and WP7 Apps Generator

What is Project Nimbus?
“Project Nimbus is an initiative that hopes to solve innovators’ problem of finding data sets and services by offering a central place for authoritative and reliable data and services access from government and commercial entities in Singapore.”

For example if you need list of ATM kioks in Singapore as dataset for your apps. There it is …
here find out more

Nimbus WP7 App Generator

Even if you’re not a developer, you can start building applications for Windows Phone 7 using Project Nimbus data.  Check out the Nimbus WP7 App Generator!


Project Nimbus lets you access structured Singapore-based data for your applications.  We’ve added the app generator to make it easy and fun for you to learn and build WP7 applications using Nimbus data.  The tool will generate a template for you which you can open using the recent final release of WP7 Tools.  Give it a spin and let us know what apps you’ve built!


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