Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses

Have you visited this website

To this date MVA has only 4 courses, and I have completed all of them.

  1. Introduction To Windows Azure
  2. Windows Azure Security Overview
  3. Introduction To SQL Azure
  4. Planning, Building and Managing a Private Cloud

Once you attend the cource will get credit points, by then you able to share your profile and publish your rank within your country and MVA (global) in the Top Student page. On every course has several modules which has self assestment, some module quite easy but some are not so to get pass thru, that’s challenging.

MVA doesn’t give you course materials at one go, meaning every time you attend a cource you will only able to access course material module by module. If you haven’t completed first module you can’t see the next following module material. However course material actually provided openly from Windows Azure tutorial website, so you also can access it even without register the course.

Because of that here I provide link below for you to download courses materials, so you can view and learn it without have to complete all the course first and might help you to complete the courses faster.

otherwise you can download here:

You will find default.htm as main page for each course title,  and you can download those materials in manifests folder. Some of video files unable to be uploaded due to size limitation uploading file on Live Skydrive.

This is useful for my reference and perhaps also useful for you.


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